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2015 was a fantastic year at MadActive Productions. We started off the year working in Orlando, FL with photographer Samuel Hicks for British Airways. Some of the highlights were working with up and coming photographer Justin Carrasquillo for Honda in Los Angeles, San Diego and Big Bear. We worked on multiple Showtime series advertisements and finished off the year working with English photographer Nick Meeks for Infiniti.

2016 has been off to a great start. We completed a Chrysler Advertisement with photographer Lionel Koretzky in Brooklyn, NY for Vanity Fair magazine.  The advertisements from our HP shoot with Ty Cole is now available to see.

We also just finished a great BMW series for their electric drive cars, shot all over los angeles with photographer Andreas Hempel. Most recently we traveled to Bogota, Colombia to produce the marketing & publicity campaign for Narcos, season 2 with James Minchin.